Welcome to the NFT-IP world
Funnybird focuses on the field of NFT-IP innovation. It is a new and secure version deployed on the Binance Smart Chain. It is brand new and safe, and full of opportunities and fun.
With FUB, you will get the opportunity to purchase a limited edition of FunnyBird-IP
Secure contract audit, allowing you to have stable AMM farm income
Open IP-NFT circulation platform, allowing your IP to circulate faster
FunnyBird (FUB), through the issuance of IP card NFT combined with liquidity incentives, makes users' NFT IP not only works of art, but also practical application value and financial value attributes.
By holding IP card NFT, users can obtain multiplied farm incentive income on the platform. Initially opened: FUB/BNB, FUB/BUSD, CAKE/BNB, ETH/BNB and other trading pairs, providing users with more asset pledge incentives .
FunnyBird is freely initiated by members of the Dogecoin community in Singapore to convey meme culture and integrate the concept of NFT-IP. It is a 100% decentralized NFT-IP experimental platform. Creators and collectors can get more generous returns and High-quality NFT-IP works.
What is Funnybirdnft (FUB)?
#NFT#, FUNNYBIRD focuses on the field of NFT-IP innovation, token name: FUB, in order to deepen user impression and facilitate communication, it is a new and safe deployment on Binance Smart Chain , At the same time full of opportunities and fun to decentralize applications.
Deflation mechanism
The platform will be burned and burned through repurchase fees, 20% of quarterly profits will be repurchased and burned, and 50% of the artist's IP will be burned. We will introduce more token destruction scenarios in the development process to achieve a deflationary mechanism .
NTF issuance platform
From the perspective of a beginner, NFT is a medium of digital assets that can be truly owned and controlled. The full name of NFT is "Non-Fungible Token", and the Chinese translation is "non-fungible token". First of all, from the term "tokens" we can understand that NFTs are like "tokens". They can be used as usage rights, tickets, certificates, leases, passes, financial derivatives, rewards, etc. Kind of occasion and time to use.
Our product and technical team
We come from different professional fields, and the ultimate goal is to certify the popular IP of millennials. Through the form of blockchain NFT, we can meet the real limited attributes, so that collectors can truly own and control their own IP and own IP. The right to follow-up development of the company creates an excellent trading and display platform for creators and collectors.
Meme culture
Community members are welcome to upload their own high-quality works to funnybird, and jointly contribute to the development of FUB
As a designer, why your IP works are worthless? We have to learn to say no. Very few people understand you, but we have to learn to believe in ourselves
Embodies the value
Diversified development is one of the trends of art development. We welcome art workers from all over the world to come here to exchange and express their views. Of course, we also have a strong review mechanism.
Hi, collectors, you are the most important members of the community. BNB bird, ham bird, OK bird, matcha bird, SHIB bird and other family members welcome you!
Open and inclusive
A whimsical idea
The upcoming limited edition #NFT-FunnyBird series
FunnyBird mobile terminal product design DEMO
FunnyBird PC-side product design DEMO
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